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The use of anti-stress drugs "Vitaminized" and "Magic Antistress Mix" in the technology content of breeding birds

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In this paper the investigated and the aim and objectives to study the effects of anti-stress drugs in egg poultry production, for example cross "HY-Line brown. The high productivity of poultry, as it is known, is largely dependent on skilled human use of its adaptive and protective properties. However, its physiological condition, the safety and efficiency largely depend on the effects of adverse environmental factors, which include poor feeding, intensive technological conditions, vaccination, and many others who are in conditions of intensive poultry farming is almost impossible to avoid. The prevention or reduction of negative effects of stress is one of the most important factors in maintaining the health and productivity of birds and reduce the cost of feed for production [2; 10]. Therefore, the relevance of the problem of stress, the prevalence of stress conditions of birds in the practice of the poultry, which cause large losses, drew our attention to the study of these issues.