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Stress protective properties of the pharmacological complex SPAO in the period of transfer, vaccination and spiking of hens

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Article writers developed pharmacologic stress-relieving complex (set) for poultry industry (SPAO). In the research work there are represented the data of the study of its stress-relieving activity and efficiency during preventive technology stress treatment of parent flock chicken for beef production. Studies were conducted in chicken during their transfer from breeding of rearing flocks department to the department of adult vaccination. It was proved that this processing method is accompanied by the launch of adaptive mechanisms of formation and development of the stress response. Use of SPAO complex with water in a dose of 185 mg/kg of body weight, according to the scheme 2 days before transfer and vaccination, at the day of the procedure and every 2 days after transfer and vaccination had a great impact on the stress-relieving effect on chicken. This effect manifested at all stages of stress reaction development during short period of adaptation, the period of stress development and the phase of development of long-term adaptation. Pharmacologic stress prevention was brought three times to evaluate efficacy of SPAO-complex during parent flock chicken management: at the age of 120 days in the period of transfer and vaccination, at the age 260 days during vaccination and at the age of 290 days during the introduction of parent stock of young cocks (spiking). In comparison with the control group we had higher economic performance in the group where pharmacologic stress prevention was brought: livability is higher by 2.25%, egg production is higher by 2.11%, hatching rate is up by 4.11% mainly due to the increase of fertile eggs by 4.30%. Damage by the mortality of parent flock chicken was prevented due to use of SPAO-complex, so incremental product was got. Economic efficiency of one ruble of expenses was 13.83 rubles