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The method of calculation of regional and local systems of breeding pigs in the practice of information-consulting service

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The article contains the experience of the development of the methodology and computer program for calculation of regional and local systems of pigs hybridization at the example of Rostov region (Russia). The detailed calculation of sows population of levels of P, GP, GGP for maternal and paternal breeds of pigs. The program uses user-defined parameters of pigs productivity, of the simulated population, and the parameters characterizing the intensity of selection of young animals. To ensure annual production of 1,822 million pigs in the Rostov region it is necessary to provide for the availability of brood stock in the amount of 89 thousand heads, 6 800 heads in the structure of grandparent flocks (GP), 730 heads in the structure of the Grand-Grand-parent stock (GGP), excluding sows second maternal and paternal breeds.