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Nosological forms uric acid diathesis in the technological cycle of obtaining eggs industrial quail

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The article presents statistics on the distribution of various forms of uric acid diathesis (gout) in Japanese quail at different periods, and the phase of the technological cycle of obtaining eggs, namely: the growing period of rearing (1-41 days old) – early phase postintubation period (1-14 days old), the phase of stable development of young (15 to 28 days old), the phase of intensive formation of the reproductive system (28-41 days old); the period of egg production (42-300 days old) – the phase of growth of productivity (42-98 days old), stabilization phase (maximum) productivity (99-182 days old), and the phase of decline of egg production (183-300 days old). Experimental and clinical studies were conducted on the basis of the largest farms for the breeding of quails of the Russian Federation LLC "Interbirds" in Voronezh. The object of the study was the Japanese quail 1-300 day old. To identify the distribution of different forms of gout conducted the data analysis veterinary reporting slaughtered and dead birds. Studies have shown that the majority of these Chicks, slaughtered or died with signs of various forms of gout in 2009-2010 accounted for 1-14 days of life birds, and is linked more with the visceral form of gout. The main mortality of quails (death and/or forced slaughter) because of the uric acid diathesis observed in the phase of decreasing egg production (183-300 days old), dominated by the disposal of poultry due to articular forms uric acid diathesis.