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Efficiency the SM pharmacological complex at debeaking and fattening chickens

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Stimulation of broiler chicken productivity allows us to intensify poultry meat production without significant material expenses. For the first, different mechanisms of pharmacologic effect of the most widespread medicines are focused on stimulation of broiler-chicken growth and raise of livability by modifying of gut organisms and improvement of nutrition uptake. Revolutionary approach which is based on stimulation of chicken growth during the first days of their life is presented in the conception named SM-complex. Its anabolic activity was determined through the evaluation of the efficiency of the medicine pilot lot SM Complex. Since their first day chicken took the medicine with water during 5 days by common way, with medicator system. The first group of chicken didn’t take the medicine so it was a control one. The chicken of the second, third and fourth groups took 300 mg of the medicine with concentration 10, 15 and 20% of pharmacologically active complex respectively. The highest rate of livability was determined in the fourth experimental group. In comparison with the control group the rate of livability was higher by 2.3% in the fourth, by 2% in the third and by 1.8% in the second groups. Chicken from experimental group had larger dressing weight than chicken from the control group: from the second group by 29 g. (1.4%), from the third group by 96 g. (4.5%) and from the fourth group by 146 g. (6.6%). The highest European Broiler Index (EBI) was distinguished in the fourth group (264.9) and the lowest index was in the first group (243.7). Moreover, there are traced obvious correlation between taken dose and the index rate. Economic efficiency of the taking of SM Complex by trial lot during 5 days estimates as 39.9–58.0 rub per 1 rub. of expenses. SM-complex has the anti-stress effect and antihemorrhagic activity unrelated to the direct effect on the central nervous system and therefore shown only in the stage of «resistance» when developing stress responses in chicken debeaking aged 5 days. Application SM-complex repairs at chicken debeaking can improve the safety of 1.22%.