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Beef production and ways to increases in the Northwest region Russia

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Dairy cattle — the main source of beef in Russia. The genetic potential of beef cattle is hardly ever used. A significant reserve for increasing beef production in Russia and increase its quality is growing the crossbred calves produced by crossing dairy and beef cattle. We studied the growth, development and formation of meat efficiency of young and crossbred dairy cattle. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of meat of the crossbred cattle is higher than peers dairy cattle and are close to the productivity of purebred beef cattle. In 16 months of live crossbred cattle had a weight of 547,9 kg, and the black-and-white — 442,3 kg. Slaughter yield from crossbred cattle was 57%, in black-and-white — 50,8%. As a result of tasting crossbred animals showed better results than pure-bred dairy cattle. The research was first conducted in conditions of Leningrad region and can be used in the creation of new livestock enterprises of different forms of management.