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Perspectives of use a polystrain feed probiotic in poultry

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The aim of the experiments was to determine the efficiency of usage of the polystrain dry probiotic feed additive Trilactosorb. Trilactosorb has antitoxic properties and consisting of three types of thermophilic lactic acid cultures (Streptococcus thermophiles „B.2894, Lactobacillus delbru„uckii subsp. bulgaricus „B.6543, Lactobacillus acidophilus „B.8634) grown on soy vegetable raw materials with using mineral sorbent in poultry. The experimental results show that the usage of the feed additive Trilactosorb improves increase in weight of poultry, preservation of livestock and reduced costs of feed additive on increase in weight. Also experiment showed that the usage of the feed additive improves the chemical, energy and amino acid composition of muscle quail, reduction or absence of toxic elements. The usage of the feed additive Trilactosorb in dosses 0,5 and 1,0% the weight of the feed reduced fat, increased protein and essential amino acid in meat of quails. This is indicative of the effect of the additive on the metabolism of quails and efficient use of fat to build muscle. Reduction of toxic metal in the experimental group indicated a high environmental of meat after use of feed additive Trilactosorb.