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Influence of the carotenoid-based preparations on the metabolic and antioxidant protection of the cows’ body

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The research shows the characteristics and experimental data on the use of the two carotenoid preparations for improving the physiological condition of a highly productive milk cattle and re-ducing the free-radical oxidation processes in a comparative aspect. Preliminary studies of the biochemical composition of the animals’ blood serum revealed significant abnormalities of the various metabolic units. It was proven experimentally that the parenteral administration of Carcel and Carolin in the cows during the dry-cow period leads to the optimization of the basic meta-bolic processes. It not only shows the increase of the total protein level by 8,3-14,3%, but the normalization of its fractional composition. The concentration of glucose increases in 1,4-1,9 times, the level of carotenoids increases in 1,7-1,85 times, of vitamin A – in 1,4-1,53 times. The content of zinc increases by 14,9-20,7%, ferrum – by 28-39,6%. Additionally, the administration of the preparations in the cows increases the potential antioxidant capacity of the body and re-duces autotoxemia level of animals in 1,44-1,6 times. Thus, the effectiveness of the use of carot-enoid preparations with priority given to Carcel for cows’ metabolism optimization during the dry-cow period was proved.