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Lactation performance of cows, quality of colostral milk and calves’ livability when applying "Albit-BIO"

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The aim of the paper is to study the effect of the administration of the biopharmaceutical for the dry cows "Albit-BIO" on their lactation performance and calves’ livability during the prophylactics and preweaning period. In order to get that done the 2 groups of cows, with 60 animals each, were selected. The first group of cows was being given "Albit-BIO" in the amount of 40 ml/animal together with the concentrated feedstuff during 5 days starting from the 10th day of the dry period, and the cows of the second group did not receive the pharmaceutical. The cows receiving the supplement "Albit-BIO" for 5 days in the dry period exceeded their peers in the control group on the average daily milk yield, yield during the first days after calving and yield during the DIM by 3.6 kg; 24.9 kg and 378 kg respectively (P <0.05). In the groups where the biopharmaceutical for dry cows "Albit-BIO" was used the 8,3-16,7% of the animals got sick. The introduction of the pharmaceutical to the diet of the dry cows has increased the lactation performance and the quality of colostral milk. "Albit-BIO" allowed to increase the intensity of growth and to reduce the incidence rate of the heifer calves.