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Methods of increasing the capacity of the cattle

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The study showed that the right choice and reservation of the bulls for the cows for coitus is very important for the breeding process. The antigenic similarities and blood group systems have an impact on the productive performance. Increasing of the antigenic similarities of serving animals from 0.60 antigens and more leads to the decreasing of the period from birth to productive sowing by 16%. Selection of the heterozygous by the systems of blood groups A, F / V and homozygous by Z system parents helps to reduce the number of dead born calves by 30–50%. Regular immunogenetic control is necessary for ascertaining the certainty of origin, studying the gene pool of the cattle populations, studying the relation of blood antigens with economic traits, selection of the pairs by antigenic similarity. The genotyping of cattle by the genes encoding the economic traits improves the efficiency of the breeding work.