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The egg productivity of laying hens and the morphometric composition of eggs when feeding a natural fodder additive

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The aim of the present article is to study the effect of feeding the sludge additive of the Khanskoe Lake deposit of the Krasnodar Territory on the egg producvity and the morphometric composion of the laying hens eggs. The experiment was carried out on two groups of poultry according to the «Methodology of scienfic research on feeding of agricultural poultry» (Sergiev Posad, 2005). Feeding of the studied silt feed additive from the bottom sediments of the Khanskoe Lake of the Yeysk district of the Krasnodar Territory in the composition of full-feed mixed fodders in an amount of 1.5% by weight contributed to an increase in bird safety by 2.5%, egg productivity per average laying hen — by 1.5%, for the intial laying hen — by 2.0%, for 0.7% more eggs of the highest category and for 4.1% — for the first category, for the reduction of feed costs per unit of production by 1.5%, had a positive trend towards improvement of the morphometric parameters of eggs (egg mass their components, the shell thickness). Consequently, the use of sludge feed additive in the composition of full-feed mixed fodders for laying hens of the egg direction of productivity, from a practical point of view, is effective.