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Reduction a radiation on the mountain hayfields and pastures

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One of the most important environmental challenges is the reduction of radioactive elements, particularly in mountainous areas, at the site of destroyed uranium ore mines. To this end, we carried out sowing of legumes and Ryzhik as accumulating radioactive elements. For more active adsorption, local agriculturists with a unique composition of mineral substances, especially silicon, were used. Those alkaline-reacting media have these zeolite-containing clays, which we called agroore in a mixture with seeds of accumulating cultures contributed to the reduction of radioactive elements of cesium and strontium. Mountain areas (altitude 1600–1800 m) were sown white clover, clover incarnated and ginger winter, which after cutting above-ground biomass was covered with a layer of agroores, saturated potassium HUMATE and bird droppings, the Results of experiments showed that when exposed to natural sources of raw material the quantity of radioactive elements is greatly reduced.