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Effect of natural feed additive on the digestibility coefficients of feed nutrients and productivity poultry

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The aim of the present work is to conduct a study of the effect of the natural feed additive in full-feed mixed fodders on the growth rate, feed costs on products, the coefficients digestibility ratios of the chicken and the egg productivity of laying hens. The research was carried out on two groups of poultry according to the «Method of scientific research on feeding of agricultural poultry» (Sergiev Posad, 2005). Feeding of the studied fodder additive from the bottom sediments of the Khanskoe Lake of the Yeysk region of the Krasnodar Territory as a part of full-feed mixed fodders promoted the increase in the live weight, the average daily growth of the chicken from daily to 91-day age by 3.9% from 92 to 120-day-old by 3.8%, coefficients digestibility ratios of feed nutrients — by 0.1–0.8%, egg production of laying hens by 1.6%, reduction of fodder costs per unit of production by 3.7% and improvement of the biological status poultry. Consequently, the use of a natural feed additive in the rations of the chicken and laying hens of the egg direction of productivity, from the zootechnical point of view, is effective.