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Analysis of influence of various protein and fat concentrations in mixed fodder on weight indices of juvenile sturgeon fish

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The paper provides a comparative analysis of the weight indices of juvenile sturgeon fish, kept in conditions of closed water supply, when feeding them complete compound feed, including various concentrations of crude protein and raw fat in their composition. The favorable hydrological regime, the use of specialized grower feed for sturgeon, daily feeding rates slightly lower than those recommended by the manufacturer for the appropriate temperature conditions and the average individual weight of the object and the favorable feeding regime during the industrial commercial growing make it possible to completely eliminate the factor of direct accumulation of nitrogen-containing metabolites in reservoirs for keeping hydrobionts. Use of combined fodders with lower fat content in conditions of installations of closed water supply helps to significantly reduce the risk of excessive accumulation of fat in the fish body while maintaining, at an acceptable level, the physiological adequacy and fish-breeding qualities of the object.