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Comparison of different basins in industrial cultivation sturgeon

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The aim of the research was to carry out a comparative analysis of the hydrochemical regime and the growth rate of the use of ICA-2, INTEX pools and concrete round pools for the breeding of sturgeon fry. A comparative assessment of traditional and developed fish tanks was carried out on the hybrid of beluga and sterlet yearlings. As a result of growing fish in different pools it was found that when using ICA-2 and INTEX tanks, there was practically no difference. Fish-breeding rates were slightly higher in the first group. In the concrete round pools the habitat of fish is as close to natural as possible and the stress load on the juvenile organism is reduced. Framed circular «INTEX» fish pools are an ideal solution for beginner fish farmers; however, the period of their use is much lower, in comparison with «ICA-2» and concrete round ponds. On the basis of the studies conducted, it can be concluded that sturgeon youngsters grown in comparable hatcheries with required hydrochemical regime are physiologically valuable and have high growth rates.