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Investigation of bottom sediments in steppe rivers of the Krasnodar Territory

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Flat erosion or flat flush entrain fine particles, which are deposited in river valleys with low flow, leading to their silting. The development of water erosion and the volume of intake of suspended sediments into water bodies with surface runoff is affected by the development of clay or sand quarries for the extraction of building materials in the river floodplains, which leads to the accumulation of bottom sediments. The determination of heavy metals in bottom sediments is carried out by atomic absorption spectrometry with flame and flameless atomization. The existing extensive nature of the development of agriculture and the inefficient system of farming in the Ponura river basin lead to such negative phenomena as an increase in the rate of loss of humus in chernozems, an increase in areas exposed to water and wind erosion and disturbed lands. Analysis of contamination of river mud samples for lead, cadmium, copper, manganese and zinc.