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The elements composition of soils under geographic cultures of pinus koraiensis (FSC biodiversity of FEB RAS)

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For the first time, a detailed elemental analysis of the soil composition was carried out for the Mountain- Taiga Station, in particular, under Korean pine pine geographical crops (pinus koraiensis Siebold et Zucc.). The work was carried out by ICP-MS (mass spectrometry in inductively coupled plasma) on the ICP MS Bruker Aurora M90 analytical complex. A total of 44 elements were analyzed. According to the results, the humus soil horizon under geographical cultures Pinus koraiensis is saturated with titanium, iron with an excess of 3% and 1%, respectively, by weight, high aluminum content (about 12 g/kg), a large amount of manganese and nickel, while the sodium and potassium content is rather low (less than 0.1%), the saturation of which is associated with the fertility of the soil layer. The background clarke of mercury is increased by two multiplicity, cadmium is absent, the remaining elements have average values in content. The studied soils can be favorable for the growth of plants insensitive to an excess of titanium, iron and aluminum with a low pH of the soil solution. The obtained data on the elemental composition of the soil can be used in the analysis of the adaptive properties of plants.