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Type of apple tree summer material periods in the conditions of Kuban

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The paper presents studies on the cultivation of apple varieties of summer ripening and the determination of the best for cultivation in the conditions of the Kuban horticultural zone. The soil of the experimental plot is leached chernozem heavy duty low-humus light clay. The objects of research were apple trees of the summer ripening varieties: Amulet, Orange, Kubanka. For control taken grade — Vadimovka. Experiments laid by the method of randomized reps. In the variant 12 trees were planted with 4 replications in which there were 3 trees each. Records and observations were carried out according to generally accepted methods. The garden is planted with apple seedlings grafted on a clone stock (M 9). Trees are formed according to the type of free-growing palmette, which is optimal for the Prikubanskaya horticultural zone [2]. The planting scheme is 5 × 2 m. Research has shown that summer apple varieties such as Orange and Kubanka, which provide a stable and high yield of fruits, as well as the Amulet variety with high quality fruits, should be used for laying gardens in the Prikuban horticulture zone of the Kuban.