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The influence of ozone-air mixture on the sowing qualities of maize hybrid seeds

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Obtaining seed grain is an integral part of crop production. However, in most cases the crop growers are facing low yield of first-generation hybrids, which cultivation is the main source of seeds. Consequently, an increase in productivity of first-generation hybrids is an important task, which cannot be solved by standard methods. In this article, we propose to use presowing seed ozone processing in order to increase the sowing qualities of first-generation maize hybrids. As a result of the studies conducted, we have identified the effective technological parameters of ozone effects. Their use allowed to achieve the following results: the increase in germination energy ranged between 9,6% and 10,5%, germinating capacity reached a 15% average growth, increase in the values of the indicator “engine of 10 typical plants growth” was about 50%. This has increased the yield to 30%.