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The cotton fiber humidification at cotton ginneries

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The article considers the problems of improving the quality of cotton lint by developing a new design of humidifier, which provides more efficient and qualitative humidification of cotton lint. Existing methods of humidification of cotton lint used in domestic practice, are not effective enough, do not provide needed increase of moisture content, have technological and structural disadvantages. The conducted study of the current state of the problem of humidification showed the necessity to humidify cotton lint by 1.0–1.5% up to recommended level of 7,5–8,5%. Simultaneous increasing of moisture content for a few percent at one point of technological chain is not achievable in any of the world’s existing humidification technologies. In this regard, the necessity of development of a comprehensive, phased humidification technology for seed cotton before ginning and cotton lint prior to pressing, was emphasized.