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Modeling of the cytokine environment, providing the optimal immune response of antitumor vaccines based on dendritic cells

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The inclusion of interferons and ligands TLR in the maturation cocktail provides not only a mature phenotype of DC, but also the prevalence of costimulatory molecules over coinhibitory, as well as high secretion of IL-12p70, but not IL-10, in response to CD40L stimulation; active directed migration in response to CCR7 ligands, and proliferation of a significant number of CTL in vitro. In contrast to standard DC vaccines, which are based on the use of either insufficiently mature DC (highly productive for IL-12, but with low migration and stimulatory activity) or mature DC (with high migration and stimulatory activity, but with reduced production of IL-12), the protocol developed in this study makes it possible to obtain a culture of αDC1, in which cells simultaneously combine all the necessary properties, even often contradictory properties of antitumor vaccines.