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Application of methods of mathematical modeling in the development of recipes for functional drinks based on grain raw materials

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The conducted researches are directed on an establishment of an opportunity of application of methods of mathematical modeling at working out of recipes of soft drinks of a functional physiological orientation on the basis of raw materials of barley, and also hydrateopectins from the most widespread raw materials in Kuban — beet pulp and apple refuse. The objects of research are also various fruit and phytochemicals, with the use of which the formulation compositions of the beverages developed. Research methods used during the work are common in the production of products based on grain raw materials and pectin products. The main method used in this work is the method of mathematical modeling of food products that are optimal in composition and properties. Optimal for the physicochemical and organoleptic characteristics of the formulation of beverages were developed. The expediency of using the methods considered in the production of functional drinks for providing the population with valuable nutrients of a preventive nature is shown.