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Analysis of heavy metals in soil of mechanic workshops along airport road, Abuja, Nigeria

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Concentrations of Pb, Zn, Cd, and Cu, were determined in topsoil collected from Gosa, Sabon-Lugbe, Aco and Lugbe Auto mechanic workshops along airport road, Abuja, Nigeria, using flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry method with a view to determining the level of contamination of the areas with the heavy metals. Average values of the heavy metals in (ppm) for all sample locations (Gosa, Lugbe, Aco and Sabon-Lugbe) were Pb (1.205, 0.810, 2.250, 0.965); Cd (0.071, 0.086, 0.083, 0.078); Cu (0.577, 0.679, 0.495, 0.980); Zn (2.124, 2.370, 1.900. 2.012) respectively The mean concentration of Pb was far above the allowable standard limits for topsoils by USEPA and WHO while the other heavy metals were below the standard limits. The concentration of the heavy metals were found to increase with increase in soil pHs. Pb is the major heavy metal impacted on soils by the activities at the workshop, thereby contaminate the soils and make it unfit for agricultural purposes as plant take up the leached metals and ultimately find its way into animals and human body through the food chain.