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On the origin of the names of some Azerbaijani dishes and drinks

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The food culture has always been very important in the life of the Turkic peoples, including Azerbaijanш. Like other Turkic-speaking peoples, Azerbaijanis brought their food products to their living, rich cuisine until today. The names of food products in Turkish languages are products of the historical process and enriched with the names of new varieties of food and drinks. The study of the origin of dishes and drinks as an integral part of material cultures on the basis of ancient rites of Turkic languages is the main feature of this article. The article also reveals that analyzing the origin of the names of food and drinks, we can clarify the composition of the ethnic history of the Turkic peoples, disclose the ancient language phenomena of tribal languages, study innovations, investigate the history of the interaction of Turkic dialects, and determine the historical relations between related and unrelated languages.