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The symbolic subtext of the story of G. G. Marquez “The most beautiful drowned man in the world”

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The arficle discusses the features of the implementafion of the symbolic subtext, the specificity of the author’s view on the problem of death and immortality in the context of the aesthefics of magical realism. On the example of a specific closed text structure having a parable structural organizafion, it is shown how the symbolic subtext represenfing the features of the mythological consciousness of the narrator is realized. The universal semanfic units (sea, whale, ship, flowers) and allusions to specific culturally significant texts (Bible, poem T. S. Eliot “The Waste Land”) are used as the representafives of this subtext. The peculiarity of the author’s manner of Marquez is the combinafion of universal symbolic structures with the everyday folk consciousness, due to which his unique text mosaic is created.