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Characteristics of US foreign policy in modern times

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US foreign policy has always been distinct in dynamism. So, from time to time, there has been observed certain adjustments in foreign policy priorities. But the sole aim of the foreign policy has involved the US to be positioned as the only superpower in the world. This article discusses the characteristics of foreign policy during B. Obama’s presidency. Despite the fact that the US foreign policy has a certain vector, the approaches to the international processes demonstrated by various political forces are strongly diverse in essence. And it is reflected in foreign policy of the USA. Revision of the foreign policy by US presidents is often observed. But, anyway the foreign policy of the USA is always equitable to their interests. It should be taken into account that certain transformations has occurred in the US foreign policy strategy in recent years. The United States intending to possess political and economic control throughout the world has had to make principal changes in its foreign policy strategy. Hillary Clinton, former US secretary of state was actively involved in carrying out this strategy which named as ‘Grand Strategy’. Main goal of the strategy was to prevent emergence of another superpower. This was considered as a security issue of the United States.