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European principles of military art of the Russian army in the specific conditions of the Caucasian war of 1817–1864

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The work is devoted to the study of the specific features of the Caucasian war of 1817–1864, which distinguished it from the classical European military campaigns. The study is based on sources of personal origin — published memoirs, diaries and letters of participants of hostilities in the Caucasus. The main result of the work is the identification of the key problems faced by the Separate Caucasian Corps during the fighting in the Caucasus in the XIX century — atypical organization of military space; the inefficiency of traditional tactics and combat formation of the Russian regular army; the inconvenience of statutory uniforms and weapons in the specific natural conditions of the region. The paper shows the transformation of the basic principles of the military art of the Separate Caucasian Corps in the process of adaptation to the new rules of warfare.