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Estimation of factors of development of the land market and features of pricing of agricultural land in the economic regions of the Central Federal District

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A method of forming the value of the market price of agricultural land on the basis of an econometric model of multiple regression is proposed, which can be used in analyzing market activity and forecasting market prices. An assessment of the intensity of agricultural land use in the economic regions of the Central Federal District showed that the Central Black Earth economic region possesses higher fertility of arable land, characterized by more intensive agricultural production. On the land market there is a tendency to reduce the size of land for agricultural production. There is an increase in their market value in the territories located near regional centers. It is concluded that part of the transactions in the land market implies further withdrawal of land from agricultural use. According to the data of 2015–2016. the assessment of the main parameters of the agricultural land market in the regions of the Central Federal District was carried out, which showed that differences in prices for agricultural land between regions are due to differences in socio-demographic conditions. It was established that the main factors determining the price of a land plot are its size and location relative to the regional center. The revealed patterns confirm the assumption of various factors and features of pricing for agricultural land plots with various further targeted uses.